About Us


Community organisations,
Sports clubs,
Local authorities,
District councils and
Government agencies
For more than 30 years.
Established in 1980:

We have since then, through the support of our skilled work force, developed a range of professional skills and services including:

Services to the Farming Community:

  • Relief milking,
  • General farm work,
  • Farm management,
  • Cow and sheep scanning,
  • Hoofcare,
  • Freeze branding,
  • Sickness and injury cover,
  • Tractor driving,
  • Supplying a wide range of quality fencing materials.


Fence Design Specification Supply and Erection for:

  • All farm enterprises,
  • Private housing and housing developments,
  • Sports grounds,
  • Industry, business premises and properties generally,
  • Civil and environmental works for district councils, local authorities, government agencies and community organisations.

Land Management and Renewable Energy also form part of our clear focus


About Us
Our specialist farm services include:

  • Cow Scanning
  • Hoof Care
  • Freeze Branding
  • Relief Milking
  • General Farm Work
  • Calf Dehorning
  • Condition Scoring
  • Fencing
  • Cattle Management
  • Tractor Driving

  • Hoof Care
  • General Farm Work
  • Feeding animals
  • Tractor Driving
  • Fencing
  • Power Washing
  • Ploughing

  • Sheep Scanning
  • Lambing Shepards
  • General Farm Work
  • Fencing

In addition, we have a range of other farm supplies:
  • Farm Equipment for Sale
  • Yard Scrapers
  • Cow Scratchers
  • Calf Pens
  • Sheep Pens
  • Complete range of fencing materials.


We are continually researching potential for new services that will meet the changing needs of farmers. If you have a particular need on your farm that is not included on our services list please do not hesitate to Contact Us